Inventory Connection LLC. 

Graphic Design // Ai x Ps // Summer 2015

Inventory Connection's platform provides vendors with real-time point of sales and inventory data enabling them to spend more time selling and less time counting. Through Carnegie Mellon's Innovation Center & Project Olympus (startup incubator at CMU) they asked me to join their team as a graphic design intern to help jumpstart Inventory Connection LLC. with branding and design work in the summer of 2015. 


After making a notes of what Inventory Connection does and what it means to the consumer, I decided to use key words to execute the design. The cubical iterations were meant to show the "inventory" part of the company. The flatter designs were to see how far I could take the simplicity of the logo but still convey who the company is. 


Logo Design: The words "cube" and "boxes" were at the top of my list when brainstorming ideas for Inventory Connection. Wanting to bring out the literal part of "inventory", I added depth within the cube so the barcode lines don't get lost. The barcode was implemented to further push the concept of analytics and data. 


Business Cards: Seeping the black from the front onto the back & using the red from the logo as an accent color allowed the two sides to become cohesive. Because the name is white on black, it pushes the name out more. The eye follows through to the right because the formal title is enclosed in a box with the focus of the card - the name. The eye is then guided downwards towards the general information of the holder. 

 A few closeups of the graphics shown on infographic.

A few closeups of the graphics shown on infographic.

Infographic: Keeping in mind the average age of the audience who received this infographic was 45+, I incorporated flat design and lines to help guide the readers through the infographic. The illustrations improve the understanding of the text while the gridding and arrows assist in directing the reader.