UI Design | Ai x Ps x Xd | Fall 2016

LEAVE is an android app designed for people who need a little motivation to get going through the day because the phone vibrates/reacts every so often until you reach your set location. 


Young adults have a personal desire for efficiency and results. Many studies determine that they put a premium on speed, ease, efficiency, and convenience in their actions. This alarm was created with the intention of hitting these factors millennials care for today, including being able to control the details of the alarm, setting a location, and adding in a charity of choice.

Alarm App prototype-09.png
Alarm App prototype-05.png

Set your alarm, and get going. 

Scenario 1: Your New Year's resolution is to [try to] go to the gym everyday; however, it's so hard to get going. So you hear about Leave, the new up and coming android app [iOS coming soon...], and download it. It's 8:30AM so the alarm goes off and you're dreading getting out of bed, but you must go because it's your resolution. The evening before, you set the alarm to 8:30 (feature 2) and then set your location/destination. While you're walking/driving to the gym, the phone vibrates every 30 seconds (because you set it to repeat in 30 second intervals). You /finally/ get to the gym, and your phone stops vibrating. 

Scenario 2: ...While you're walking/driving to the gym, the phone vibrates every 30 seconds. However, mid-way, you realize that you have to pick up your kid from daycare. You turn the switch button off. The consequence of doing so would be donating an "x" amount of money to the charity of your choice. 

Location Page Layout: The bottom feature tracks how close your are to your final destination (the white glow representing you, the user). The ticks underneath indicate when your phone will vibrate/notify you. 

Alarm App prototype-03.png

LEAVE, which enhances your daily routine in life, has a motif of fluid and calming colors.